At Somerlap we’re always looking for ways in which we can use resources more efficiently, so that we can be kinder to our planet and save money too. So we’re excited to tell you about two new investments we have made which do just that!

 The first is our new boiler, which was commissioned back in the summer and is now fully up and running. It supplies heat for our kilns and heating, using the fuel we produce by chipping pallets which are beyond repair.

 The great thing about using this biomass fuel is that not only is it produced locally (and you can’t get any more local than our own site!), thereby lowering our carbon footprint; but as a waste product it means we are not taking any more precious resources, we’re just using what we already have. What’s more, the special shape of the combustion chamber means we can burn chippings of different qualities and levels of bark content, reducing the wastage even more.

 Our environmental responsibility extends way beyond our site to the vehicles which transport our goods on the roads, and so with the New Year will come our new, more fuel efficient Daf lorry! The new vehicle will produce far less emissions than its 13-year-old predecessor, so we are really excited about its arrival.

 All in all, we think Somerlap will be having (and keeping) a New Years’ resolution to be kinder than ever to the environment! 


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