Flowers for plantersNo soil? No problem! With timber planters you can have a plant-filled garden even if you only have a patio, balcony or decked area. They’re also great for small spaces like doorsteps and front gardens. With summer fast approaching, filling your planters with flowers can add colour and interest to all gardens (it will also help to attract bees). Here’s some of the best flowers for planters, all of which thrive in containers and have a long flowering period.


Low maintenance brightly coloured daisies that flower throughout summer.

Flowers: June to September

Place in: Full sun

Sweet peas

Beautifully scented flowers in lovely summery colours – pinks, purples and blues.

Flowers: Late spring to summer

Place in: Full sun to partial shade

Busy Lizzies

Also known as Impatiens, Busy Lizzies can thrive in full sun or shade and produce lovely flowers from summer to autumn.

Flowers: June to November

Place in: Sun or shade


There are a huge variety of Petunias, all of which love sunlight! Those in full sun will perform best.

Flowers: June to October

Place in: Full sun


Fuchsias have attractive pendant shaped flowers that flower throughout summer into autumn.

Flowers: July to October

Place in: Partial shade


There are hundreds of varieties of Geranium, so there's bound to be one you love.

Flowers: Depends on the variety, normally late spring to summer

Place in: Full sun to partial shade


Long lasting blooms that thrive in planters.

Flowers: June to September

Place in: Full sun

Flowers for planters top tips

  • Pick a colour scheme – go for harmonious or contrasting colours, but not both at once.
  • Timber planters help to keep the soil at a constant temperature (unlike metal planters which can get very hot and then cool down quickly).
  • Try to choose a mix of tall and trailing plants for a spectacular display.
  • Put flowers together that have similar requirements (don’t put plants that like shade with those that perform best in full sunshine).
Somerlap flowers for planters Any timber planter in the Somerlap range will enhance your summer flower displays