Somerlap timber gateIf you're planning on buying a garden, field or entrance gate, here's 10 reasons to choose a timber gate over alternatives like metal and PVC.

1. Natural appearance

Unlike metal, wood has a traditional, natural appearance, which blends in well with a natural environment such as fields or gardens. A timber gate would be the natural choice if it's a warm and welcoming feel you're looking for.

2. Flexibility for fixtures and fittings

Wood is the most flexible choice when it comes to choosing, adding and changing fixtures and fittings. Unlike metal gates, there's a wider choice of fixtures and you can quickly and easily add latches or different hinges.

3. Easy to change the look

There are some excellent paint and stain products available, making it easy to change the look or colour of your timber gate. Somerlap recommend using Protek Royal Exterior on top of a preserver. Protek offer a wide range of low odour, water based wood stains and paints that will help protect any timber gate.

4. Privacy

Timber gates often offer more privacy than metal gates, simply because wood is naturally thicker. Somerlap have a range of elegant, timber closeboard gates available which combine complete privacy and security.

5. Wide choice

There is a large choice of timber gate styles. From a classic rail entrance gate to elegant garden gates. You can also choose between softwood and hardwood timber, both of which have a different look.

6. Lighter

Wooden gates are generally lighter than metal gates, which improves longevity as there will be less strain on hinges and posts.

7. Sustainability

Wood is generally a more sustainable material than metal. Always check that products are made with wood from a renewable source. All Somerlap gates are made from sustainably managed FSC certified sources.

8. Unique

Every wooden gate is unique (there's simply no pieces of wood that are the same) and because all Somerlap gates are made to order, you can easily have something custom made to your specific size and design requirements.

9. Repairable if needed

A key benefit of a timber gate is that it can be easily repaired if needed. This is especially useful in agricultural settings (where gates are liable to get damaged by livestock), or in campsites where there is heavy useage from people.

10. Cost effective

If you're not yet convinced by all these benefits, then you may like to know that timber gates tend to be more cost effective than their metal counterparts. Need convincing? Why not contact the Somerlap Team today: they're ready to help with your costing, design, delivery and installation queries.