Not many people have the luxury of a garden that isn’t overlooked by neighbours or passers-by, particularly in more densely populated areas. If you’re looking for attractive ways to gain privacy or block unsightly views, the following tips could help!

1. Fencing Panels

Fencing For Privacy

Fences are an easy and effective way to create privacy in your garden. For durable fencing in Somerset, view our wide range of styles and sizes, as well as all the fencing posts, fixings, components and accessories you’ll need to ensure your fencing stands the test of time.

2. Planters

Planters can be a great way to add privacy to your outdoor space, with even a single planter being surprisingly effective. If you’re looking for planters in Somerset, our range of high-quality timber planters will create a durable and long-lasting base for whatever you choose to grow. We’d recommend using evergreen shrubs if you want reliable height and foliage for privacy all year round.

3. Trellis

Block a neighbour’s view of your garden with a trellis or an arbour as a great alternative to regular fencing panels. Planting a fast-growing vine will quickly give you full coverage and make a stylish addition to any garden. For long lasting and durable trellis in Somerset, view our range that has all been carefully made by our highly-experienced woodworkers.

4. Enclosures

Creating an enclosure with three or four walls, or an outdoor ‘room’, is a clever way to gain privacy in your garden. Not only will it add architectural interest, it could also provide a cosy seating area. The walls of outdoor rooms can be real, implied, or both and you can plant bushes and trees to create additional privacy.

5. Raised Terrace

If your current fencing is not offering adequate privacy, consider building a raised terraced with high walls. Just be sure to check with your local authority if such a structure would require planning permission. 

6. Pergola

Summerhouse For Privacy

For instant privacy, a pergola or summer house is a good option. You won’t need to wait for plants to grow across trellises or panels and the structure will block the view from outside your garden. Just be aware that you may also block out sunlight, so it’s often a compromise to find the right level of privacy and sunlight.

7. Canopies

A retractable canopy attached to your property can add some privacy as and when you want it. Alternatively, freestanding canopies and parasols can all provide a small area of privacy from overlooking windows.

8. Tree pleaching

If your garden has mature trees along the boundaries but with gaps in the foliage, pleaching is a technique that can help produce a more consistent weave of branches and leaves. By interlacing and entwining the branches together, it creates an effective and natural screening with no planning permission required!