A garden storage container is ideal for smaller gardens, patios and even balconies without enough space for a full-size shed. They take up less room yet still provide a way to keep your belongings dry, safe and organised while ensuring your outside space is free from clutter. Here are ten potential uses for your garden storage container...

1. Store logs

10 uses for garden storage containers

Garden storage containers make excellent log stores. This slatted store keeps your logs out of the elements while allowing them to air dry, ensuring they burn efficiently.

2. Pets and horses

Need a place to keep pet or horse bedding, feed and other items? A storage container can keep it all out of the way and in one place.

3. Keep tools tidy

10 uses for garden storage containers

If you have an ever growing tool collection and no space to store them, a storage container can be an ideal solution. Depending on the number of tools, a small container may be ample, but for those with bulky items a small tool shed may be more suitable.

4. Hide your bins


Although we think it’s great that councils are collecting recycling, it does mean that there are extra unsightly bins to find a home for. A dedicated bin store can keep bins tidy and out of sight.

5. Toys

Toys scattered all over the garden can be a nuisance, keep them organised and out of the way with a toy shed.

6. Gardening equipment

Store pots, compost, spades, forks and everything else you need for the garden in one easy to access place.

7. Occasional garden items

10 uses for garden storage containers

A storage container can keep occasional decorative garden items safe and dry during the winter months.

8. Garden furniture

Leaving furniture outside all year long can significantly reduce its usable life. Keep them stored away when not in use and they’ll be safe from unexpected weather, less likely to rust and be dry and clean when you want to use them next.

9. Safely store bikes

10 uses for garden storage containers

Leaving bikes outside increases the chances of rust and theft. A bike store is smaller than a standard shed but provides a convenient, safe and dry place to store your bikes and accessories when not in use. Use a lock for added security.

10. BBQ

10 uses for garden storage containers

The nature of British weather can mean that the BBQ only comes out a few times a year. Keep it covered and it will be ready to use the moment the sun comes out!

Need something else?

Whatever you want to store in your garden, we can custom build a container to suit your needs. Get in touch to find out more.

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