Willow Hurdle Fencing Panel




Choose a willow hurdle for the perfect addition to your garden.

The Hurdles come in one size - 1.8 x 1.8m (6' x 6')

Product Features and Benefits

    • Add privacy to your garden with this beautiful, natural-looking interwoven willow hurdle. The panels are strong and durable so form an excellent fence as well
    • The willow hurdle requires skilled craftsmanship to make, with strong fibres twisted around sturdy rods. Willow is designed to complement a natural landscape, with maximum durability and beauty
    • A willow panel is a perfect addition to your garden

Natural and traditional

Willow hurdles are beautifully woven in a traditional pattern, which provides a strong, natural and eco-friendly fencing option. The hurdle is perfect for the classic English country garden or for improving an urban landscape.

Farmers have been attracted to willow and hurdle throughout British throughout history. They even go as far back as the Neolithic age, 5000 years ago. 

Eco-Friendly and sustainable

Hazel and willow are 'coppiced', which means they are eco-friendly because cuttings are only taken from new trees. Traditional farmers have historically used willow and hurdle as the trees grow back next year.

Another benefit of using branches cut from new trees is that the 'wands' are flexible and uniform. The panel is designed to last for years to come. 

What's the difference between Hazel and Willow? 

The branches used for Hazel are thicker at approximately 2-3cm. Willow branches in contrast, are 1cm thick. Willow is slightly cheaper for that reason; yet quality is not sacrificed. 

Do hurdles need treatment?

Not necessarily - the hurdles look great as they age because they turn a light grey. If a preservative is desired, a clear treatment is recommended. 


6 x 6ft/1.8x1.8m hurdles weigh about 25kg, so are heavy compared with other fencing panels. 

Posts and fixings

We recommend you use 8 ft/2438mm x 3-4 inch round stakes. Attach hurdles to posts with galvanised wire or cable ties. Alternatively, simply screw into place. 



    • If you spend over £120, and your delivery address is “Local” - Zone 1 (please see delivery information for details), we will deliver for free.
    • The item is also available for collection from our Somerset site

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