Wet & Forget 2L or 5L


Quantity: 5L


Wet & Forget 5L, is perfect for removing and killing 'Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss'.  

Overtime, moss gathers on timber garden products, such as furniture, fencing and planters. Wet and Forget, is the perfect formula to counteract the shade of green that is caused by moss and algae.

Useful Information

    • Suitable for cleaning patios, tarmac, roofs, tennis courts and more
    • Kills and removes moss, algae, lichen and mould with no need of special equipment
    • Wet & Forget helps prevent the damage caused by the harsh scouring of scrubbing and water blasting
    • Unlike bleach based cleaners Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life

No special equipment needed - just apply Wet & Forget. Easy to maintain, after the first application always reapply at the first sign of re-contamination.


    • We will do our absolute best to deliver to you. However, delivery rates do vary depending on your location

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