GREEN - Ribbed Round Topped Timber Posts - Pressure Treated


Ribbed: 2700 x 92 x 92mm (9' x 4" x 4")


Here's a fantastic fence post for decorative fencing and gates - Ribbed Round Topped Timber Posts. As the posts are tanalised, they have been pressure treated which means they are best protected from the elements and rot. The ribbed posts are a highly popular post for decorative panels and side gates. 


The width of our ribbed posts, in all lengths, is 92mm (4")

The ribbed post is available in three lengths:

    • 1800 x 92 x 92mm (6ft x 4" x 4")
    • 2400 x 92 x 92mm (8ft x 4" x 4")
    • 2700 x 92 x92mm (9ft x 4" x 4") 


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    • We can work with a courier in some circumstances, in order to deliver your order

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