Forester Treated Softwood Gate - Right Hand Hinge


Length: 2130mm (7')


The perfect field gate - Forester Softwood 5-Bar Gate - Right hand hinge. 

The Forester is a traditional five-bar diagonal braced gate. For a fully planed pressure treated gate, you get excellent value for money. 

Important Features

  •  Its design features a domed top bar

  • Superior hanging stile with mortice and tenon joints and diagonal braces.

  • The diagonal braces are morticed into the top bar providing maximum strength and stability.

  • Right Hand Hinge - Looking from the front (best side of gate with bolt heads facing you). 

Care Instructions 

  • These gates have been produced at 16% moisture content and need to be kept dry. Avoid direct contact with sunlight until the gate has been fully treated

  • Gates must be stored flat on three level bearers or upright against a wall with both stiles evenly supported until installation

  • Want to know the best way to install a 5-bar gate? Read our 'how to' blog

Points on Treatment to Consider 

  • Any small nicks or scratches should be sanded using fine sandpaper before treatment

  • To get the most out of your Forester gate, repeat treatment annually or when required. 

Delivery and Installation

  • Expect delivery to take between one and two weeks for a standard size. 

  • For a bespoke size, delivery usually takes up to four weeks. 

  • Whether we can deliver to you will depend on your location. Delivery rates vary depending on your location. For rates, please visit our delivery information page. 


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