Concrete Fencing Repair Spur


Size: 100 X 75mm


The Concrete Fencing Repair Spur, enables you to repair a fence post. Simply secure the repair spur to a weak or damaged post. 

Wooden posts do naturally tend to rot after a certain length of time, due to contact with moisture from the ground. A repair spur is an alternative option to go for instead of purchasing and installing a whole new post. 

Important product details 

    • Available in two sizes:                                                                             
    • 1200 x 100 x 100mm; in imperial measurement this is 4ft x 4" x 4"       
    • 1200 x 100 x 75mm; in imperial measurment this is 4ft x 4" x 3"
    • There are 2 bolt holes to attach repair spur to post. Suitable fixings are available separately
    • To attach the repair spur to the post, we recommend that you use two Cup Square Hex bolts, size M10x100mm 

Installation instructions - concrete fencing repair spur

    • Dig hole about 2ft deep right next to weak post
    • Place spur in hole and mark bolt hole positions
    • Remove spur and drill post keeping drill level


    • If you spend over £120, and your delivery address is “Local” - Zone 1 (please see delivery information for details), we will deliver for free.
    • Please refer to our delivery guide for rates or call our helpful sales team – 01278 641 671
    • The item is also available for collection from our Somerset site

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