Shedlands Alpine Wing Cabin

SKU: SAP1610

Sizes: 4730 x 3000 (16 x 10)



The Alpine Wing Cabin is a spacious haven to enjoy those lovely summer days. The mountain-styled cabin is available in a range of practical sizes, with attractive features including ornate handles, large opening windows, and 6 pane Georgian double doors. 

There are four panes of windows on each side, plus 4 panes of windows on both sides of the double doors on the front.

The picture above shows it in loglap. This is an additional extra.


Framing:  38mm x 50mm

Eaves:  1865mm

Ridge:  8’- 2490mm / 10’ – 2570mm / 12’ – 2655mm

Georgian Front & Side Windows:  1148mm x 685mm (Top Hung) (Toughened Glass)

Georgian Double Doors:  1780mm x 1092mm (Toughened Glass)

Roof Overhang:  1’ – 305mm

Side Wings:  1’ – 305mm

Black Ornate Hinges, Handle & Lever Lock

Useful Information

There are a number of benefits of buying Shedland timber buildings:

    • Smooth timber used on the inside and outside
    • Swedish redwood pine used, rather than white wood. White wood has live knots that are prone to fall out, whereas redwood has dead knots
    • Upgrades are available for any building
    • Personal and bespoke options available, such as moving door/windows
    • Prices quoted include VAT, Delivery and Installation

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