Pack Size: 12


Packs of 12 (10kg) 

Reasons to Choose Hotblocks

  1. Hotblocks Burn Hotter & Longer: They are ready to burn & at less than 10% moisture content our 100% recycled HotBlocks burn hotter and for longer than seasoned and kiln dried logs.
  2. Made in UK Factory: HotBlocks are made in UK factory using sustainable clean wood collected by us.  
  3. Easy to Light: Initially get used to Hotblocks, simply light them in the same way as coal or logs by placing 3 Hotblocks on a bed of kindling and paper with firelighters.
  4. Clean & Easy to Store: They are clean to handle and really convenient to stack and store. Because HotBlocks are all the same consistent shape and size they stack safely and efficiently.
  5. Use in Wide Range of Heaters: Woodburners, Multifuel Stoves, Log Burners, Chimineas, Firepits & BBQs.
  6. Keeps Stove Glass Clean: They are also much less likely to spit because they are so dry and this also helps to keep the glass clean on your stove.
  7. Very Little Ash: HotBlocks leave behind very little ash (around 1%). Therefore less emptying of the ash. The ash can also be used in the garden as a soil conditioner or put on the compost heap.



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