Tongue and Groove Dung Boards


Size: 3600 x 200 x 47mm


Dung Boards

Tongue and Groove Dung Boards, otherwise known as stockwalling boards. Traditionally these boards are used by those in agriculture, hence the name "dung walling." They have however, had other uses in fencing and varied building constructions. 

They have been kiln dried and pressure treated / tanalised. These TGV boards have been designed so that they interlock, whilst for a degree of movement / adjustment with effects of moisture. 

These stockwalling boards are machined from homegrown timber, which is approximately a substantial ex 200 x 50 mm. 

Useful Information

    • The dung boards are ideal for walling in buildings such as barns, sheds etc.
    • Stocked at 3.6m and 4.8m lengths 
    • Machined from home grown timber

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