Last year it was toilet rolls and pasta, but in 2021 the item in short supply is timber.

The Timber Trade Federation has recently published its latest statistics, which show that demand for timber and panel products in Q1 2021 was at its highest in more than a decade - since Q1 2007. What’s more, the volume of solid timber and panel products for Q1 2021 was 23% higher than Q1 2020.

What’s driving this demand? Well, there are several reasons, with the pandemic being the main one. The series of lockdowns have affected supply as sawmills have been temporarily closed, and at the same time increased demand as people who were sat at home either got on with projects they had been putting off, or thought up new ones such as home offices. Brexit has also played a part, particularly when it comes to obtaining haulage to transport deliveries of timber. Factor in the huge increase in construction of timber-framed property in Europe and the USA, and you can see the scale of the problem!

Of course, when you have reduced supply and increased demand there is another unfortunate consequence – the price inevitably rises. As the cost of raw materials rises so too does the end price, and at Somerlap we have seen our timber cost double this year, whilst the cost of nails has risen 100% and the price of many other items is rising too.

So what does this mean for you? Well, we would advise our customers to plan well ahead and budget realistically – you may not be able to get your materials exactly when you want them, and certainly not for the price they were last year. Our supplies ARE getting through, but please get in touch with us to secure yours and find out the cost before committing your time (or your builder/carpenter’s time!). We will help as much as we can, but don’t want anyone to be disappointed!



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