Trellis and hurdle fencing panels are ideal for quickly and easily adding privacy to your garden. It needn't be a big undertaking – just a few panels can create an attractive private area away from view from neighbours or passers by and the Somerlap range of lattice, hurdle and willow fencing panels will make a stylish addition to any garden.

1. Strategically placed trellis or lattice fencing

Somerlap Lattice Trellis

Add trellis or lattice panels wherever you'd like to obscure the view – perhaps around an outdoor seating or dining area? For best results consider where you'd like the view to be blocked from. If you're overlooked from above, then place the fence closer to where you will sitting.

2. Natural privacy with hurdle fencing

1.8m Hazle Hurdle Fencing Panel

If you'd rather create privacy screening from planting, but your trees are still growing, why not use an organic option such as hurdle or willow fencing? Both panel types are quick and easy to install, and instantly add a natural-looking screen.

3. Use small hole trellis for extra privacy without blocking light

If you'd like to put up a fence without blocking too much light, try a small hole trellis panel. This has the added benefit of being perfect for windy areas, as the holes let the wind pass through, rather than knocking down the fence.