Here at Somerlap we pride ourselves on building good quality garden products which will last for years. But even we were taken aback when a customer said he needed to replace his shed – which he bought from us in March 2003!

Back then Tony Blair was Prime Minister, a pint of milk cost 36p, and Mr Tucker was buying a 10 x 8 contractors shed from Somerlap.  The shed has done a wonderful job in the 18 years since then, but Mr Tucker has decided that, with a leaking roof, now is the time to invest in a new shed.

We were naturally delighted that he decided to ask us to supply his new shed, and were astounded at how good his original building looks. We’re not sure if shed years are like dog years, but this one is certainly looking good for its age!

Unfortunately we couldn’t charge Mr Tucker the same amount that he paid in 2003 (which has worked out at about £3.65 a month), but his new shed is still good value for money. What’s more, it was sold to him by Production Director Steve Fraser, who sold him his first shed.

It goes to show, if you look after your shed – your shed will look after you (and your garden equipment)!