Postsaver post preservativeIf you have ever experienced the frustration of timber fence poles and posts rotting just below surface level, you’ll love our latest product. New from Somerlap, Postsaver provides long term protection where it's needed the most: the point where it enters the ground.

Say 'goodbye' to harmful post preservative

Timber fence post preservative has traditionally been used to prevent organic rot and microbial decay. However, as the use of harmful chemicals becomes more undesirable, consumers and companies have less options when it comes to protecting timber poles and posts from rot. Customer feedback suggests that the environmentally-friendly alternative preservatives are just not effective enough.

Built to last

Easily heat, or machine-applied, the Postsaver extends the life of timber posts and poles – typically doubling the life span. Postsaver's simple, patented sleeves repel moisture, protect from bug attack and prevent rot and decay (independent tests suggest they should last up to 20 years). This extended life span creates substantial savings, especially when you consider that it can cost up to £80 to replace a single fence post. Add to that the numerous safety and time saving benefits, and Postsaver simply becomes a 'no-brainer'!

Saves you time, money and hassle

It’s not just the cost of replacing the pole or post you have to consider. If you are a farmer with livestock that escapes because of a fallen post, you could face potential loss of animals and life. Animals pushing against rotting posts cause them to break sooner, increasing maintenance and repair costs – so it becomes even more important to protect your timber posts properly.

Simple to apply

Postsaver is available as individual sleeves or on a roll that can be trimmed to size. Wrap the Postsaver around the post and simply heat-wrap into place using a blowtorch.

Installing timber fences?

Somerlap have everything you need for any timber fencing project, including high quality fencing panels in a variety of designs, fence posts, fixings, components and accessories. Visit us in Mark, Somerset to find out more.