Have you noticed that the prices of sheds seem to vary wildly depending on where you look? We run through all the factors that affect shed cost and explain exactly what you get for your money when buying a Somerlap shed.

A Somerlap 8 x 6 standard Apex shed is £605.51 (inc. VAT), but you can find 8 x 6 sheds under £300 elsewhere. Why is this? There are key differences between quality sheds and those that can be picked up cheaply. Here’s what to look for before you purchase:

The wood

Where has the wood come from? Any reputable supplier should clearly state the source of their wood. Look for wood that is slow grown, as this will be stronger. Slower grown wood is more expensive, but it will mean your shed lasts longer. It should also be grown in FSC certified sustainable forests.

The type of wood also makes a difference. For example, the shiplap cladding in our potting shed is made from slow grown, Swedish redwood. Redwood timber still contains knots, but they don’t fall out, unlike some other varieties.


Shed cladding is normally available in two types: overlap and shiplap (shiplap is also known as tongue and groove). Overlap shed cladding is unfinished and simply overlaps, while shiplap cladding has a smooth finish and slots neatly together. Shiplap cladding is much stronger and weather resistant, but it will cost more as the wood requires more processing.

The cladding thickness also makes a huge difference. The cladding of a Somerlap shed is 12mm which adds considerable strength. In comparison, you’ll find many cheaper sheds only have 7mm cladding.

Frame thickness is often not detailed for cheaper sheds. Somerlap shed frames are manufactured from sturdy 45mm x 45mm white soft wood, which adds considerably more strength.

The timber used for the shed floor is another area where you’ll find corners may be cut. Shed floors that are made from cheaper materials like chipboard, are more likely to rot and can break easily. The floor of a Somerlap shed is made from solid tongue and groove timber.


Standard “off the shelf” sheds will often come with a cheaper price tag. But what should you do if you need something bespoke? All Somerlap shed sizes are customisable: simply tell us how big you want it and we'll build it! There are also a wide variety of options to choose from, including extra windows (fixed or opening) and single or double doors.

Roof materials

Roof materials will have a big affect on shed cost. It's always wise to choose a heavy duty roof felt – if water gets into the shed it can quickly warp (and even rot) the interior. Somerlap sheds come with the option of rubber roofing which adds greater protection to the shed – it's also easier to wipe clean, looks very smart and is nicer to handle.


What are the windows made of? All Somerlap shed windows are made of glass. Perhaps surprisingly, many competitors sheds are not glass, but thin polycarbonate. Check the window material to ensure you won't have yellowing, brittle windows in a few years time.

Shed cost – how much should you spend?

Hopefully we've made it easier for you to make a decision about whether to buy a cheaper shed, or a slightly more expensive one. When you look at the specifications of a lower cost shed, you should be able to identify all of the areas where corners have been cut. For example, those sub-£300 sheds may be made from unspecified softwood. They may also use overlap construction (making it structurally weaker), be dip treated and have a chipboard floors. All signs of an inferior product.

Investing in a Somerlap shed means that you can really on quality timber and construction as well as bespoke design or sizes if needed. It also means that you'll have access to the expertise of the Somerlap team, their 30 years experience and first class customer service. For any enquiries about shed cost, or bespoke timber storage, please contact us.

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