Log storageWe love a timber shed here at Somerlap, but what we love even more is a garden shed that goes the extra mile! So we're delighted to announce that the brand new Logstore Shed is now available to order. Combining robust manufacture and clever design, this multi-purpose shed will help maximise storage in most garden sizes.

More than just a shed

As you'd expect from a Somerlap shed, the construction is first class – extra thick exterior cladding and a tongue and groove floor gives the shed strength and durability. But it's the integrated log storage that sets this product apart. Ideal for keeping kiln dried logs dry or seasoning hardwood logs the unique exterior space can be used to store just about anything, from bags of compost to garden furniture.

Practical log storage

The efficient, easy to clean, pitched roof ensures that rain and snow will simply slide away, so you can always rely on a store of dry, ready to use logs. The shed roof can be manufactured from, lightweight Mini Profile Corrugated Sheet, traditional felt or Somerlap’s Rubber Roof Kit, any of which provide, long lasting weatherproofing that's ideal for exterior buildings of all types.

Long lasting protection

Because it's made from pressure treated timber, the Logstore Shed has a low vulnerability to damp and rot. However, we would recommend treating your Logstore Shed (or any timber product), with a suitable water-resistant stain or paint, such as Protek Superior Wood Finish.

See the Logstore Shed for yourself

If you're interested in our innovative log storage, you're very welcome to visit us and take a look at the Logstore Shed. At Somerlap we believe in supplying the best quality products at honest prices, so whatever you timber needs please contact us.

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