Somerlap shed secureKeeping your shed secure probably isn't at the top of your to-do list, but the contents of your shed are probably more valuable than you realise. The price of replacing stolen garden furniture, tools, and bikes can quickly add up. What's more, if it isn't adequately secured, it might not be covered on your insurance. Here's how to keep the contents of your shed safe...

Secure windows

Ensure windows are closed and consider security windows if you will be storing valuables in your shed.

Don’t make yourself an easy target, make sure valuables such as expensive bikes and tools aren’t visible. You could cover the window by adding curtains or frosting. Alternatively, for a quick DIY option simply tape some something that will obscure the view – such as bin bags or even left over landscaping fabric – over the window. You can also add security mesh on the inside to stop would-be robbers reaching inside.

Add padlocks

We recommend adding a federal security lock for additional protection and peace of mind. If you have an old lock, check it’s still fit for purpose each year.

More ways to keep your shed secure

  • Make sure your shed is still robust – read this guide to see if your shed needs replacing. Burglars may try to access the shed through the roof if it's on its last legs.
  • Add a security light that will flood the area and deter potential thieves.
  • Add an alarm that will sound if the door is opened.
  • Lock up particularly valuable items inside or chain bulky items together to make it harder to remove them.
  • Paint your house number and postcode on lawnmowers and tools to make them less desirable to burglars.
keep your shed secure A good security federal lock (left) will help keep your shed secure. Looking to buy a shed? View the full Somerlap range at
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