The right summerhouse can provide a tranquil haven in your own garden - a peaceful place to eat, read, work or just relax. As a summerhouse can require significant investment, careful planning is vital to ensure you get the perfect summerhouse for your garden.

Consider the following when planning your summerhouse...

How big should it be?

Getting the right size summer house is a case of balancing the space available in your garden with the space you need inside.

When choosing the size, think carefully about what needs to fit inside – will you have enough space for any tables and chairs you plan to use?

Also consider the location in your garden, will there be enough space around the summerhouse? Check if it will be facing the right way to get sunshine, and try to situate it away from overhanging trees. Remember that summerhouses come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be constrained by trying to find a rectangular spot, this octagonal summerhouse (pictured below) is perfect for making the most of a smaller space.

Shedlands Octagon Summerhouse

What is it for?

Consider what you will be mainly using the summerhouse for when choosing a design. For example, if you will be using the summerhouse for reading, choose one that lets in plenty of light, like the Clumber or the Daylight (both pictured below).

Shedlands Clumber Summerhouse

Shedlands Daylight Summerhouse

Will you need planning permission?

Summerhouses are usually considered as outbuildings, so do not normally need planning permission as long as they are:

  • single storey
  • taking up less than 50% of land around your property
  • no taller than 2.5 metres, with no balconies or raised platforms.

However, you should always check with your local planning department for advice.

Are you ready for delivery?

Your summerhouse will be delivered in sections, so make sure you will have easy access to the garden on the day of delivery. If the summerhouse needs to be carried through the house, make sure the door openings are large enough and all obstacles are moved out of the way.

Can you install yourself?

Summer houses are delivered flat packed. Do you have the skills and equipment required to install your summerhouse? If you need help, Somerlap are more than happy to arrange installation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

At Somerlap we can help you build the summer house of your dreams, just get in touch with your ideas and we’ll take it from there.

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