Curious about the difference between quality wooden sheds from Somerlap and the mass-produced alternative from a national store? This is the Somerlap difference...

Quality wooden sheds, hand crafted in Somerset

Our wooden sheds are handmade from start to finish by highly skilled craftsmen in our Somerset workshop. By making our sheds ourselves, we have a much greater control over the final build quality and can get the small details just right.

Each of our sheds are constructed with quality, durability and functionality in mind. We've added a number of features to help Somerlap sheds outlast the average garden shed. Just one example; the door area can be a weak spot for letting in water, so above the door frame we include a drip feature that helps prevent against leakage.

Superior materials

At Somerlap, we truly care about the quality of our products, so we use only the finest materials. For our sheds, we have chosen to use slow-grown Scandinavian redwood as its finer, closer grain makes it a robust shed material.

Another feature of slow-grown wood is that it absorbs treatment better, so we treat the wood with a premier preservative treatment for further protection against wood-rotting fungi, dry rot, wood destroying insects and surface water contact, helping your shed to last even longer.

Sustainable timber

The protection of the environment is an important part of our company philosophy, so we only use wood from a sustainable and legally harvested FSC source, recognised by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

Every Somerlap shed is one of a kind

All Somerlap sheds are made to order, to your requirements. Although you are welcome to choose from our selection of sheds, you can also fully customise your shed down to the tiniest detail.

So you could design your own truly unique shed, or just have your shed fitted with additional features, like double doors, opening windows or an add-on bike store.

Somerlap high quality wooden sheds Heavy-duty roofing felt, extra strong frames and tongue and groove floors help to make Somerlap sheds among the best that money can buy.