Looking for fencing for your garden or property? There’s so many different types of fencing available that the choice can initially seem quite overwhelming. To help narrow down the right fence for you, here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of garden fencing.

Horizontal waney edged fencing

Also known as: Traditional fence panels, overlap fence panels, lap fence panels.

Good for: Privacy, security, marking boundaries.

waney fencing

One of the most popular types of fence panels, horizontal fence panels are created from waney edge boards which are slightly overlapped. Waney edge boards are cut straight from the tree and the waney edged side will still have bark on, while the other edge is square. Horizontal waney edged fence panels provide good value for money for privacy and keeping your garden or property secure.

Feather edge fencing

Also known as: Closeboard fencing

Good for: Privacy, security, marking boundaries.

Feather edge fence around garden

More robust than horizontal waney fencing, this type of fencing is ideal if you need a more sturdy option or extra security. Feather edged fencing is created from tapered boards secured vertically to form a solid fence. Feather edge fencing is either sold in individual boards or as panels that are already constructed.

Picket fencing

Also known as: Palisade fencing

Good for: Marking boundaries, keeping pets and animals secure.

picket fencing

This typically English open slatted design is best for decorative or boundary uses rather than privacy or security. Although picket fencing can be used for making sure children or animals can’t escape your garden!

Willow or hazel hurdle fencing

Also known as: Weave fencing

Good for: Privacy, marking boundaries.

Hazel hurdle fencing

Hurdle fencing constructed using willow or hazel is ideal for adding a decorative division to your garden, and can also be used to add additional privacy.

Decorative fencing

Also known as: There’s many different types of decorative fencing including lattice and horizontal weave.

Good for: Marking boundaries, decorative purposes, privacy.

decorative lattice fence

The wide array of decorative fencing types now available means you should be able to find a fence design to suit, whatever your taste. Decorative fencing can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from privacy to simply adding a touch of flair to your garden.

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