Traditional five bar wooden gates are a popular choice for both entrances and fields. Somerlap have put together this simple guide of what to look for when choosing a five bar gate.

Construction method

There are various methods of constructing gates. All Somerlap gates are built using traditional mortice and tenon joints to provide maximum strength and stability.

Hardwood or softwood?

Softwood gates are more cost effective than hardwood gates, although they are likely to have a shorter lifespan. Softwood gates will still give you many years of service, as long as they are treated and well looked after.


When buying softwood, look for gates that have been pressure treated for maximum longevity.

Left or right hand opening

Ensure the gate you have picked will open in the direction you intend.

Somerlap's wooden five bar gate range

Somerlap offer a range of quality wooden five bar gates for every budget. All their gates are designed and built to last.

Somerset gate

Somerset wooden five bar gate

With a classic five bar design, the Somerset is built using specially selected timber with fewer knots, ensuring a more stable, longer lasting gate. The Somerset gate is priced from £99.36 and is available in both softwood and hardwood.

Somerfield gate

Somerfield wooden five bar gate

The Somerfield offers a more cost effective alternative to the Somerset and is suitable for all types of entrances, from residential to equestrian. It is joined using mortice and tenon joints and pressure treated for maximum strength and longevity. The Somerfield gate is available in softwood and is priced from £79.45.

Forester gate

Forester wooden five bar gate

Ideal for use in fields and paddocks, the Forester is an excellent value, fully planed pressure treated traditional five bar diagonal braced gate. The Forester gate is available in softwood and is priced from £53.50.

Ordering a gate?

Don’t forget your gate fittings and posts. If you have any questions, please get in touch and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.