A garden shed can transform your outdoor space. Whether you want to use a shed for extra garden storage, growing your own plants, or creating an outdoor workshop, there’s plenty of reasons to add a shed to your garden furnishings.

The big question is: can you build a shed without getting planning permission for it?

The good news is – yes! In most cases, it is very unlikely you’ll need planning permission to build a simple garden shed. All you need to do is choose the right garden shed for you and put it up.

However, there are a few instances where you would need to obtain planning permission before installing your shed. Read on to find out when a shed does and doesn’t require planning permission.

How to build a shed that doesn’t require planning permission

If you want to build your shed without applying for planning permission, it will need to meet all of the follow criteria:

  • Make sure your shed is single storey.
  • Do not build your shed in front of your house – it should be built in a back garden only.
  • Your shed should have a maximum overall height of no more than 4 metres.
  • If your shed is positioned less than 2 metres from any of the boundaries of your property, the overall height cannot exceed 2.5 metres.
  • Make sure the eaves of your shed are no higher than 2.5 metres. Want an idea of how tall that is? The eaves of our Standard Apex Shed are 1800mm in height (and so well within the limit).

Cases where building a shed will require planning permission

There are a few instances where you will need to get planning permission to build your shed:

  • Your shed takes up more than 50% of the total area of land around your property.
  • Your shed is being built on the grounds of a listed building.
  • Your shed is being built on designated land (e.g. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks).

Complete your garden with a shed from Somerlap

If you need a garden shed, our extensive range is well worth exploring. From our highly adaptable Standard Pent Shed, to more specialist units like our Tool Tidy and Sun Pent sheds, we’ve got just the thing to meet your needs.

All our sheds are built to order and can be delivered and installed anywhere within 50 miles of our site in Mark, Somerset. For help with any and all queries, contact us today.

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