Just ordered a Somerlap Igloo pod or thinking of ordering one? This blog explains how to care for your pod after your purchase.

Camping pod maintenance

The great thing about camping pods is that that they require very little maintenance and they should last for many happy years with very little additional work. However, what you will need to do is treat your pod. All igloo camping pods are delivered untreated so ideally you should treat your pod right after delivery.

We recommend that you use a micro-porous wood treatment, such as Sadolin or Sikkens, which is available in a variety of colours. After the initial treatment, you should re-treat the pod every two years. It's also worth checking over your pod each year to make sure:

  • The roof is secure and there's no damage.
  • There's no leaks inside and the pod is free from damp.
  • The base is still secure and dry, and there's no standing water around the pod.
  • There's no branches overhanging the pod that could fall and cause damage.

Camping pod extras

When it comes to extras the sky is the limit. You can kit out the inside as sparsely or as luxuriously as you want. Some choose to leave their camping pods bare – so campers can bring their own mats, sleeping bags and equipment. While others provide a glamping experience with mattresses, duvets and a fully kitted out kitchen.

Don't forget the surrounding area. A few ideas include:

  • Keeping walkways free from mud with ground coverings.
  • Attracting wildlife with a bird table.
  • Completing the camping pod area with funky pallet furniture.
  • Providing outdoor cooking facilities with a BBQ shelter.
camping pod maintenance The Somerlap BBQ shelter (left), pallet furniture and decorative bark will enhance your camping pod. They're all available to buy online or from the Somerlap store.