It’s a common problem: bins look unsightly, but there’s nowhere to put them. Even if you do have space in the garage or garden, council provided bins don’t normally go with the garden decor. They can also take up a lot of unnecessary space due to the various sizes of wheelie and recycling bins that are now issued by councils.

Solution? A timber bin store

A timber bin store provides practical storage that will hold all your rubbish bins and look far more pleasing to the eye. It's far easier for a timber bin store to blend in with the outdoors, masking the appearance of your bins and helping make your garden look much tidier. The Somerlap range includes storage for recycling containers on their own or a combo unit that will also store a wheelie bin.

Hand built in Somerset by our experienced craftsmen, the quality of our bin stores is second to none. All our stores are made to order, enabling you to build a custom bin store to suit the size of your bins and if you're looking for an even more attractive finish, our Deluxe bin store includes a door to disguise the wheelie bin.

Upgrade to a storage shed

If you have other items cluttering up your garden, then the toy and bike store may be the answer to your garden clutter. It's free standing so it can be used on its own or as additional storage to a main garden shed. As with all of our buildings and storage solutions, the toy/bike store is made to order, so you can specify the size as well as your choice of left or right hanging door. Optional extras include windows, a choice of doors, security windows and a security lock. It’s perfect for bikes but also ideal for other miscellaneous garden items, especially for those who don’t have space for a full sized shed in the garden. Use it for bins, garden tools, folding garden furniture and summer toys.

Want a colourful bin store?

Your bin store doesn't have to be brown. You can make it almost any colour you like with our range of Protek exterior paints. It gives timber a water-resistant coating that also protects it from mould and fungus. The paints' unique coating is water-based and incorporates acrylic and a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil (a natural, renewable resource). It's low in odour and suitable for use around children, plants and animals.

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