If you were lucky enough to get a new bike for Christmas you may be thinking about how to store it safely? Thanks to Somerlap, keeping your bike or motorcycle protected from the elements (and prying eyes) has never been easier. Here's some of the best sheds for bikes from our range.

Best sheds for bikes

Not enough room for a standard shed? Your bike can still have a home of its own in the Somerlap Bike Store. This neat storage solution has a smaller footprint than our standard sheds, but still has ample room for bikes and accessories.

Don't panic if you're a family with lots of bikes, all our sheds can be customised and made to any size you like. It's not just the size that can be custom: left or right hanging doors, additional windows, apex or pent roofs – the choice is yours!

The Somerlap Bike Store (left) can be used on its own or as additional storage with any Somerlap shed. Somerlap's Apex sheds (middle & right) offer durable, secure storage.

Best sheds for motorcycles

Keeping your motorbike dry and safe from the elements is vital – especially high winds that could blow it over and cause costly damage. A sturdy shed will not only add protection, it will also shield your precious bike(s) from view of thieves and keep it secure.

Our larger sheds can be made to accommodate double doors, making it easier to get in and out of the shed with your bike. 

Adding double doors to your shed (left) helps increase access. 

Secure sheds for bikes

As standard all Somerlap sheds come with fixed (or sealed) windows. For additional peace-of-mind you may like to choose security windows. The specialist, one-way glass prevents anyone on the outside looking into the shed (don't worry, it still lets in plenty of light) and they won't cost you any more than normal glass!

Standard door closure for our sheds comes from an oval pad bolt.

Why Somerlap?

All our sheds are of the highest quality.

  • Made from sustainably sourced timber.
  • Expert installation available.
  • Built in Somerset by skilled craftsmen.
  • Optional extras include additional windows, double doors & security features.
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