Somerlap groundcoverGroundcover is ideal for creating interesting walkways in any domestic garden. It's also perfect for golf clubs, caravan parks, campsites and arenas. We look at the benefits of play bark and walk chip groundcover;

Play bark

Play bark is a versatile and attractive groundcover. Although it's widely used in playgrounds and around play equipment (climbing frames, slides, space nets etc.), this chunky, pine bark-based product is suitable for almost any outdoor area.

  • Low maintenance and easy to top up.
  • Great for walkways used by children, due to shock absorbing properties.
  • Softer for bare feet.
  • Natural look.

Walk chip

Walk chip has similar benefits as play bark and is particularly good for walkways, access paths and parking areas.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Perfect for arenas and temporary groundcover (such as outdoor events, festivals etc.)
  • Cost effective.
  • Natural look that blends in with the environment.

Somerlap also offer a recycled woodchip which we make on site from timber pallets which have reached the end of their life.

How much groundcover do I need?

This handy calculation will help make sure you order all the groundcover you need. Simply multiply the area length, by the width, by the depth (in metres).

Example: 10m long x 4m wide x 0.15m (150mm) deep = 6m³ of groundcover

Play bark and walk chip are available in handy individual bags or, if you're planning a larger project, dumpy bags.

Groundcover tip: keep weeds at bay

Whichever groundcover you go for, you may have to battle with weeds. Good ground preparation will help and you can help decrease back-breaking weeding by laying weed control matting under your path.