Veronica 4 Pavillion

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Veronica 4 Pavilion with an area of 6,7 m² - a new and exciting addition to our product range. The Veronica is delightful for enjoying some time out in the garden. Whether it's a space for relaxation that you're seeking, or an attractive space for socialising,  the Veronica is ideal for a broad range of purposes. 

The Veronica 4 Pavilion is well made from Nordic spruce, which comes from sustainably managed Estonian forests. The timber comes from trees that grow in very cold climates, which therefore slows tree growth. The timber is especially thick and durable as a result. 

This product has a 5-year warranty. We are that confident that you'll be satisfied with the Veronica 4 Pavilion. 

Dimensions and Sizes

    • Overall dimensions: 3590 mm x 2890 mm x 3100 mm (h). Measured to the highest point. 

    • wall thickness of 28 mm

    • diameter of 289 cm

    • 215 cm wall height 

    • 310 cm total height 

    • 6,7 m² area

    • 16,4 m³ volume 

    • 19 mm thick floor boards 

    • 600 kg package weight

Delivery and Installation

    • Price includes delivery to your door. 

    • Items is delivered flat-packed. 

    • Installation and construction can be organised, for an additional cost. 

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