The comprehensive Somerlap pallet service can play a vital part in ensuring that your goods are moved safely, economically and on time.

Conformity with quoted material sizes and method of construction is absolutely guaranteed and the agreed specification is strictly adhered to, providing a pallet of reliable and consistent quality.

For special applications, over 40 years’ manufacturing experience enables us to advise on the best and most cost-effective design for the purpose. Computerised production equipment enables any customer requirement to be fulfilled and a free design service and knowledgeable staff are available to suggest the best manufacturing methods and materials.

Fully Automated Pallet Lines

Six fully-automated, pallet lines enable a fast response and accurate production of large orders whilst other equipment is available for non-standard pallets or small quantity orders which represent some 25% of our pallet production. No minimum order level is required and we regularly supply specialised pallets in quantities of one or two for the transportation of specific products – an example being a one-off, 5 metre long base for exporting a photographic machine.

A full and flexible “delivery-on-demand” service is available to optimise customers’ resources and a large stock-holding on behalf of customers – at any one time consisting of some 40,000 new and reconditioned pallets – ensures that compliance to agreed schedules is guaranteed. Extensive under-cover storage and fully-enclosed “Curtainsider” vehicles allow pallets intended for transporting sensitive products to be kept dry.

Repairing damaged pallets

Damaged pallets can be repaired with new timber and brought back to their original condition whilst, to meet the increasing cost of disposal and the resistance on the part of Local Councils to dispose of scrap timber to landfill, pallets damaged beyond repair can be collected from customers for recycling. An average of 10,000 pallets are reconditioned in our workshops every week in this way and offer a cost-effective alternative to new. If a pallet is beyond repair it is recycled in our chipping machine and a small charge is made to cover the cost of collection. If repairable, the value is credited to the customer.

Our incomparable pallet delivery service

Delivery by our own vehicle fleet is normally within 3-5 days, but our flexibility and large stockholding allows a 24-hour delivery service in case of an urgent need.

With our on-site kiln providing a full heat treatment facility and a chipping machine capable of recycling two tonne/hour, we are able to provide a unique service – the manufacture and delivery of any sized pallet, to any specification, plus the ability to repair or recycle pallets in an environmentally sensitive manner. Not many of our competitors can match that!