Somerlap supply pallet collars to fit pallets in both Euro and UK sizes. The most popular size of pallet collars we sell are 1200 x 800mm and 1200 x 1000mm. Other sizes are also available.

The pallet collars we provide are strong and durable. The galvanised hinges and 22mm thick timber, mean that a long working life is ensured.

What are the benefits of using pallet collars?

  • Pallet collars are collapsible so they can be flat-packed; ideal for stacking.
  • Once the collar is fitted to the pallet, more collars can be added, one on top the other.
  • The height of your crate can be chosen, based on how many collars you stack on one pallet.
  • Collars can be easily taken off or added as products are placed inside. Pallet collars are therefore safer to use as less bending over is required.

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