Composite Prime Dual Decking Board





HD Deck Dual Decking Boards

Dual-sided composite deck boards offer more options when it comes to designing and layering your deck. Use the contrasting colour around the border or get more adventurous and let your creative juices flow.


    • Oak/Walnut

  • Antique/Carbon

HD Deck Dual’s decking boards have an unrivalled likeness to timber which really sets it apart from other composite decking available. The natural wood grain not only looks great, but also offers maximum performance against stains and fading.

The dual-sided composite decking board offers two colour options in one, providing the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish.

HD Deck Dual takes composite decking boards to the next level with its ‘capped’ design, creating a protective layer that offers increased protection against fading and the elements for an extra long life.

Our composite decking boards have a number of attractive benefits, including:

    • Low maintenance

    • Slip resistance

    • Durable

    • Sustainable

    • Barefoot safe

    • Attractive

  • Dimensions: 22.5mm height x 143mm width x 3600mm length

Our composite deck boards can easily replace worn, timber boards and use the existing frame.


HD Deck Dual is double sided, giving two colour options in one decking board. Our advanced ‘True Grain’ colour mixing technology provides HD Deck Dual a subtle natural depth of colour seen in natural timber.

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