A serious gardener needs a serious home for all that equipment. But with so many sheds on the market, what is the best shed to choose?

Here we discuss what to consider before making that all-important investment.


As a general rule, it is better to buy a bigger shed than you currently need. We all know that over years of gardening it is easy to accumulate more and more equipment. All that stuff will need a home, and its obvious storage place will be the shed.

Buying a bigger shed than you need may seem pointless at first. But it will save you the frustration of replacing a perfectly good but inadequately sized-shed later down the line.

If you have the space, we would recommend opting for a shed that is at least 6ft x 8ft, such as the Deluxe *EXTRA* Vertical Shed or Deluxe Vertical Pent Shed.


What are you going to use your shed for? What are you going to store in it? If you are not an avid gardener and you know you are only going to use it to store you bike and lawn mower, the best shed for you may be the Toy or Bike Store Add On Shed if that's truly all you need. But consider our advice above, and think carefully before making this decision! We call it an ‘Add On Shed’ for a reason...

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your shed, you might want to consider having an electricity supply to it so you can install lights and a heat source. If you are going to be walking between the shed and another area of your garden a lot, for example from the vegetable plot or the entrance to the house, you may want to think about laying down extra decking. This is also a good place to lay those cables leading to your shed so they don't get damaged.

Although Somerlap's standard shed is one of the strongest on the market, it is worth considering using a contractor shed such as the Somerlap Contractors Apex Shed or Contractors Pent Shed if you're going to be using your shed for storing heavy machinery, such as a ride-on lawnmower. They are built using a stronger frame and extra thick 12mm cladding. They also have an additional 300mm height compared to our standard shed, and a heavy-duty felt roof covering which drastically increases resistance to weathering and wear and tear.


Many people consider garden sheds an eyesore, and therefore try to hide them away at the bottom of the garden. They position pot plants in front of it and install trellis along the side to try and disguise it.

Others, however, take the opposite approach. They paint the shed in fun colours, and adorn it with features to enhance its appearance. Somerlap have a wide range of summerhouses, which not only look fantastic, but also double up as great storage spaces.

Also, if you are going to be making frequent trips to and from your shed and the house, as discussed above, you might not want it hidden away at the bottom of the garden. Thinking practically, would it make more sense to position the shed closer to the house in that situation?

What are you waiting for?

All of Somerlap’s sheds and timber buildings are made-to-order and are supplied as standard in sections. Somerlap provides an installation service at a cost; please contact us for a quotation if required.

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