Kiln dried logs burn better and more efficiently than unseasoned logs – giving you more heat and less mess. That's why kiln dried logs are often favoured by those that have wood burning stoves and open fires. The lower the moisture content of firewood, the better it burns. Our kiln dried wood is guaranteed to have a maximum moisture content of 20%. Because of this they are less likely to take on additional moisture in storage than unseasoned wood, but you still need to keep them dry and sheltered for best results.

Here’s how to store kiln dried logs to ensure they stay in the best condition for burning in your open fire or woodburner.

Store in a garage or barn

A sheltered place, such as a garage or barn, makes an ideal place to store your kiln dried wood. However, you'll still need to follow the guidelines below to ensure the logs have enough airflow. If you do need to store logs outside, make sure they're kept under shelter and that the air can reach them...

Protect your logs from rain and snow

If you are storing your logs outside, keep them protected from moisture in the form of rain and snow. You could do this with a tarpaulin cover or a timber log store, but you need to ensure they are never sealed or covered completely, as air flow is essential.

Increase air flow

To encourage air flow around your logs, use a raised log store or a pallet to keep your logs away from moist ground. Don’t stack them up against a wall or place them on grass, as air won’t be able to flow and the logs can become damp.

Use the right log store

The easiest way to achieve all these things is with a log store. We have two log stores available; both keep logs off the ground, protected from rain and include slats to encourage air flow. Our wooden log store also comes with the option of a door, which can be fitted with a padlock if needed.

Store kiln dried logs inside before burning

For best results bring your kiln dried wood indoors for a short time before you burn it – this helps to reduce the moisture content even more. You can simply create a log pile inside or store them in a wicker log basket.

Buy smaller quantities

If storage space is an issue, then it may be worth buying smaller quantities more often. Although this may cost slightly more, the wood will burn better if it contains less moisture – so you'll get more warmth for your money. We offer small, manageable amounts of kiln dried logs in net bags.

Try our new Brackettes

Made from a 100% bracken, Brackettes eco-logs have similar benefits to kiln dried logs, but their regular shape makes them easier to store. Available in bags of 10, these 'Super Logs' are suitable for log burners and open fires.

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