As regular readers of our blogs will know, we’re always interested in the many alternative and creative ways people make use of our pallets.

In recent years, we’ve seen them used as; seating, compost bins, patio furniture, part of a village hall, a desk, even walls for a restaurant in the Olympic Village – although, the strangest request we’ve received to date remains using pallets to make a double bed.

Now they are being used in retail displays too, and last year we found our pallets being used as a display unit at a motorcycle dealer in Exeter. Well, now they’ve gone high street, and can be found in the flagship SuperDry store in London’s Regent Street! This is the first of the stores which will use them, as the pallet units are being rolled out to SuperDry’s outlets across the country.

Superdry pallet shelving


There’s a nice West Country connection here too, as SuperDry’s founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holder started the business in Cheltenham, and Julian began his fashion career with a clothing stall at Cheltenham market.

Now we’re just waiting for the Somerlap staff to ask if they can take a trip to Regent Street to choose new uniforms!

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