As avid supporters of recycling projects we have thrown our support behind new environmental entrepreneur Mat Dusting and his M-24 recycled bags.

A new life for trailer curtains

Already known for its passion for repairing, recycling and reusing wooden pallets Somerlap has now found a use for its old, unwanted trailer curtains.

Bringing together recycling and fashion Dusting uses the old trailer curtains to create ultra tough and durable rucksacks and holdalls. “It’s the perfect material” says the innovative designer: “Designed initially to be durable and weatherproof enough to withstand punishing long journeys on the side of a lorry, once cleaned it not only looks stunning but is extremely functional.”

Back in use on the lorry

Not content with just supporting Dusting and providing him with its old lorry curtains Somerlap will also be helping to demonstrate the versatility of the bags by having its drivers use them while out on the road. “It is very much a case of re-cycling something that would normally go to the tip,” explained Managing Director Kevin Bond: “Each driver will own a bag to keep their belongings in.”


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