The sky over the yard was certainly stunning this morning! But why did it look like this?

We’ve consulted the weather experts at the Met Office (ok, we’ve checked their website) and this is a potted version of what they have to say:

Light that looks white is actually made up of many different colours of differing wavelengths. Blue has a short wavelength, while red is created by longer wavelengths.

Because the Sun is very low in the sky at sunrise and sunset, the sunlight we see has travelled through a much thicker amount of atmosphere. Blue light is scattered more strongly by the atmosphere, and is scattered several times and deflected away before it gets to us. Therefore there is relatively more yellow and red light left for us to see.

You see, every day is a school day and by reading this blog you have learnt something. You’ve also been able to enjoy this stunning picture which we took this morning!

On behalf of everyone at Somerlap we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you on 4th January.