The best ready to burn logsHave you stocked up on ready to burn logs? Whether you have a wood burning stove or an open fire, you should be thinking about stocking up on winter fuel as the increasingly chilly evenings arrive. But before you place your order, read our recommendations for the best logs for wood burning stoves and open fires this winter:

Kiln dried, ready to burn logs

Ready to burn logs are the immediate choice for wood burning stoves and fires and Somerlap’s kiln dried hardwood logs include a mix of birch, oak, ash and chestnut hardwoods. The logs are dried in our own on site kiln until the moisture content is just 20%, which means they burn hotter for longer. Incidentally, our kiln is powered by recycled woodchip (which is also made at our Mark site).

Somerlap’s logs tick all the boxes for our customers. Al Kennedy said; “Great service and the product is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Wales. Logs are cut & sized perfectly for domestic wood burners – burn with good heat output. Will order again.”

Unseasoned logs

Unseasoned logs are cheaper, but ideally need to be dried (to less than 25% moisture content) in a wood store for at least a year. If you don’t have any where to store your logs, Somerlap have a great range of timber log storage solutions, including the new log store shed extension.

Somerlap’s reputation for quality and service keep customers coming back for more. Alan Slocombe said; “Quality of wood excellent – very prompt delivery – delivery driver very helpful and off loaded wood exactly where needed with no fuss. Definitely would use Somerlap again. Many thanks!”


Brackenburn Brackettes ‘super logs’ are an environmentally friendly product, made from 100% bracken which is farmed on the Mendip Hills. The bracken is mowed and removed (once it has dried and turned brown), allowing a huge variety of flora and fauna to flourish in its place.

The harvested bracken is compacted to create a unique eco-log, which (when burnt) generates major heat output and lengthy burn time. You can even use the ash from Brackenburn Brackettes as a nutrient-rich, garden fertiliser due to the high potash content.

Order your ready to burn logs

Don’t get left out in the cold! Order your ready to burn logs from us online and we will do our best to deliver wherever possible. Alternatively, why not visit us in Mark and collect them yourself? You can also browse our showroom and see all the other great timber products available from Somerlap.

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