Protecting your timber fencesAs the days start to get shorter and cooler, it can only mean one thing: autumn is on its way. It's around this time that the seasoned gardener turns his thoughts to preparing the garden for the winter ahead.

With some planning (and a little TLC), you can make sure your timber fences survive the winter months without any damage. Here are our top tips for maintaining your timber fence:

Prevent posts from rotting

Moisture in the ground is a major cause of rotting fencing posts. During the winter there are less days when warm weather helps the ground to dry out. As temperatures shift from day to day, warping can also become a problem, causing cracks which allow even more moisture to enter the wood.

  • Make sure you buy pressure treated timber posts (all Somerlap fence posts are made from pressure treated timber)
  • Treat the wood with a good quality wood preservative, such as Protek Superior Wood Finish
  • Use Postsaver fence post sleeves to protect the post from rot and decay below the surface
  • Keep the base of the fence posts free from leaves and debris to avoid additional moisture encouraging rot
  • Use tightly packed gravel around the base of the fence post to allow rainwater to drain quickly away from the wood

Prevent fence panels from rotting

  • During heavy wind, storms and snow, branches and tree limbs can fall on fence panels, so trim your trees back now.
  • Clean timber fences before winter starts, removing any moss, mildew, dirt and fungus.
  • Apply two or three coats of a good quality wood preservative (allowing 24 hours between coats).
  • As with the fence posts, use only pressure treated timber panels and regularly clear the base of leaves and debris build up.

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