Throughout August you can get £500 off any Igloo camping pod from Somerlap. So in this article we cover everything you'll need to know when ordering yours...

Planning for your pod

The great thing about camping pods is that they can be placed anywhere on level ground – all you need is a level foundation to allow the pod to be positioned 100mm off the ground. Ideally you should situate your pods away from overhanging trees and branches, and in an area where there’s good drainage.

Bear in mind you may require planning permission to install a pod on your land. Plus, if you plan to order more than one pod and operate as a glamp site, you may also need a license. Check with your local planning department for advice.

Choosing your Igloo camping pod

The Igloo camping pod is available in a variety of lengths. Choose from 2.4m up to 5.5m depending on how much space you'd like inside your pod.

You can also choose to add insulation. Insulated walls are 128mm thick and include 100mm of stone wool insulation and a windproof membrane.

Delivery and installation


Please contact us to get a quote for delivery. The delivery cost varies depending on the location, how many pods you’ve ordered and whether you'd like your pods delivered flat packed or fully assembled.

Before we deliver, we’ll also need information on access to your property. Let us know if your property is easily accessible, or if there are any overhead cables or trees that may block the way.


The pods are available either flat packed or fully assembled. Flat packed pods will need to be assembled once delivered. If you opt for fully assembled all you need to do once your pod arrives is lift it off our lorry (you will need access to a crane or forklift) and screw the outer arch boards in place once your pod is in position. And that’s it! Your pod is ready for renting or enjoying.

igloo camping pod The illustrations above show just how easy it is to assemble a Somerlap Igloo camping pod.
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