During the past week we have all watched in awe as NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed safely on Mars and began to beam back pictures. But what you didn’t know is that Somerlap has a link to this momentous astrological development.

The Perseverance Rover needed a special parachute to land safely on the planet, and the fabric for it was woven not far away from us, in Devon – by a Somerlap customer! We’ve been supplying pallets and specialist timber export packaging to Heathcoat Fabrics in Devon for many years, and it was their fabric which was sent to America to be sewn together into a parachute by engineers.

We aren’t sure whether the fabric was sent to NASA in one of our timber crates (maybe that information is classified?!) but we’re very proud to be linked to Heathcoat Fabrics and the part they have played in this amazing achievement. We can’t wait to see more images from the red planet!