Make your garden pet friendlyDogs and other pets love gardens, and with a few small tweaks most can be made into a pet friendly haven.

Secure your garden

The first step before letting dogs and other pets explore the garden is to ensure it is secure.

Check fencing is high enough and has no gaps and consider adding a garden gate. For pups with escape-artist tendencies, two garden gates can stop them slipping out while people are coming and going.

It’s also a good idea to put sharp tools in the shed, and use inaccessible compost bins, so that dogs can’t find food that could potentially harm them, like grapes or raisins.

Give pets their own area

Everyone likes a room of their own, so give your dog a place to go with a garden kennel. The Somerlap kennel can be custom made for all sizes of pooch, and it’s made with the highest standard of materials, so your dog can live in comfort in the garden.

Pet friendly planters

If your dog likes to dig, raised beds or planters will help to protect your plants and crops from digging paws.

Be careful of certain plants

Some common plants can be harmful for dogs, including Foxgloves, Ivy, Wisteria, Daffodil bulbs, Rhododendron and Bluebells. Visit the Dog’s Trust website to see a full list of plants that can harm dogs if eaten.

Other things to be careful of include slugs and snails – which can give your dog lungworm if eaten, as well as chemical weed killer and preservatives.

Create interest and areas to explore

Dogs love to explore, so add interest with areas of extra height – sleepers are great for this – and different textures, try adding an area of wood chipping.

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