Somerlap kiln dried logs costKiln dried logs cost can vary significantly, so we've put together a general guide to the cost of kiln dried logs in Somerset and included some useful information on what to look for when purchasing kiln dried logs. As always, if you have any queries please contact the Somerlap Team, who will be happy to help.

How much should kiln dried logs cost?

The cost of kiln dried logs can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The moisture content.
  • The volume of logs you're buying and whether they are delivered loose or bagged.
  • If delivery is available and included.
  • The type of wood, where the logs are from and if they are sustainably sourced.

Below are some indications of prices for kiln dried logs in the Somerset area. We recommend reviewing the "what to look for" list below when buying logs, as in some cases cheaper logs have higher moisture content or do not come from known sustainable sources.

Dumpy bag

1m³ dumpy bags can vary in price from £100 (with no guaranteed moisture level) to £185. Our 1m³ dumpy bags are £152.78 (Inc. VAT).

Loose logs

Not many suppliers offer loose loads of kiln dried logs, but it can be a very cost effective way to buy your firewood. 1m³ of loose logs from Somerlap costs £138.02 (Inc. VAT).

Small bag

You can expect to pay around £5 - £10 for a small bag of kiln fired logs. At Somerlap our netted bags of logs are just £4.66 (Inc. VAT).

What to look for when buying kiln dried logs

What kind of wood is used?

Our logs are made up of mixed hardwoods including birch, beech, ash, oak and chestnut. We use a mixture of woods because some woods (like birch) catch fire and produce heat quickly, while others, (like oak), burn more slowly and provide heat for longer.

Is the wood from a sustainable source?

Always buy sustainably sourced wood from a FSC certified forest. If in doubt, ask.

Is the source known?

The more information the supplier has about their wood, including where it is sourced from, the higher the likelihood that it will be a quality wood. All Somerlap kiln dried firewood is sourced from an FSC certified forest in Wales.

Guaranteed moisture content

At the cheaper end of the scale, providers of kiln dried logs don't list (or guarantee) a moisture level. The low moisture content in logs is key to getting the best from kiln dried wood, so be wary of suppliers that don't specify this. Our kiln dried wood is guaranteed to have a maximum moisture content of 20%.

How much wood are you getting?

It can be difficult to compare how much wood is in a bag. Different suppliers use different measurements and stack their wood in the bag in different ways. Some suppliers may not even list the volume that their bags contain, which makes it doubly difficult to compare. We sell our logs in multiples of 1m³ to make comparison as easy as possible.

Check if VAT is included in prices

Some suppliers list their prices without VAT, so it helps to be aware of this when doing cost comparisons. Our prices always include VAT (based on the standard 5% VAT rate for fuel).

Is delivery available?

Check the delivery availability and costs. Somerlap will deliver across Somerset for £15 and if you order 2m³ or more, delivery is FREE in Somerset.

What size are the logs?

Log sizes can vary, so you may want to make sure they will fit in your wood burning stove and log store before ordering. All our logs are a suitable size for use in most log burners.

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