Winter weather, especially strong winds and heavy rain, can play havoc with wooden fencing - causing extensive and sometimes expensive damage. Here is how to protect your fence throughout winter.

Fix any existing damage

Check your fencing before storms take hold – secure any wobbly fence posts by replacing or reinforcing individual posts and replace any broken or damaged panels.

Make sure you check your fencing again after big storms and make repairs as necessary.

Keep the base of your fence dry

It's important to keep fencing out of contact with moist ground. Water collecting at the base of the fence can quickly cause rot, so remove debris from around the bottom of the fence and ensure you have adequate drainage in case of heavy rain.

If you do not have them already, install concrete or pressure treated gravel boards for protection against moisture and rot.

Prune overhanging plants

Cut overhanging branches that are liable to fall in high winds or heavy snow, as they could cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to your fence.

Protect the wood

Use preservative to help protect against decay, mould and fungi. Choose the right preservative for your fence – this will depend on the type of wood it is made from and whether it has already been pressure treated or not.

Wood that has already been pressure treated already has protection against damp, mould and insects, so requires different treatment to fresh sawn timber. If you have had a pressure treated fence for longer than a year then you can treat it with a preservative, as long as it is specifically designed for pressure treated wood.

Somerlap Fence CareFence damaged beyond repair?

If you are replacing your fence, choose high quality, pressure treated panels for a longer life.

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