As individuals and companies become more environmentally aware, we at Somerlap can really see the effects on our business!

Over the past year demand for reconditioned pallets has increased by 50%, and we now repair and sort over 10,000 used pallets per week – that’s over half a million pallets a year! If we can’t repair a pallet we don’t throw it away; it is turned into woodchips which are used in our heating system. Increasingly we are using more timber to turn old pallets into ones of a different size, which takes longer. However 70% of the cost of a pallet is the timber, and it gives the old pallets a second life rather than sending them straight to the chipper.

To keep up with the demand, we’ve had to make significant changes to our Pallet Reconditioning building. During the last three months we have increased the size of it and installed new conveyors, equipment, and work benches; as well as installing rapid opening doors and LED lighting (which uses less power). We’ve also had to take on more staff - our staff team in the building is now up to 6 people, and we’ll be recruiting 2 more later in the year. More staff, less pallet wastage – we say that’s good news all round!

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