Regular readers of our blog will know that we’ve written about the alternative uses of pallets several times.

We supply pallets of all kinds to companies across the UK, and so we’re always intrigued to see the creative ways in which they are used for purposes other than storage and transportation. Over recent years we’ve seen them used in ever-more interesting ways, from desks to seating, compost bins, we’ve even had a request for pallets to make into a double bed; and recently we found some of our pallets being used as display units at SuperDry’s flagship store in Regent Street.

Now we’ve found pallets not only being used within the home, but as part of the home – yes they’re being used as a staircase! We think they look amazing, and just look at all those handy little storage spaces they give you!

Our Managing Director Kevin Bond has seen an increasing trend towards ‘rustic’ décor, with lots of bare brick walls and sanded floorboards; along with a desire to be environmentally friendly and to re-use where possible. These stairs certainly tick both those boxes, and we can’t wait to see where pallets turn up next.