Painted Wooden Pallets

From Monty Don’s cold frame to funky furniture, the uses of the trusty storage pallet are endless.

We supply pallets of all kinds to companies across the UK, and in recent years we’ve spotted a growing interest in using them for purposes other than storage and transportation. In fact when Managing Director Kevin Bond and Production Director Steve Fraser attended a pallet manufacturing show in Germany last year, they found pallets being used as a desk! We were already ahead of the curve by this point, and had begun selling pallet furniture with cushions sourced from a local supplier in a variety of bright colours.

There is high demand for pallets for use as seating, compost bins, in fact almost anything made from wood - the strangest request we’ve received so far is pallets to make into a double bed. As the major pallet company in the south we keep thousands in stock all the time, so we were able to help – even if we think that it would be a bit uncomfortable to sleep on!

Kevin Bond, Managing Director of Somerlap, explains, “There has always been a liking for ‘rustic’ décor, which can be seen in the increasing amount of bare brick walls and sanded floorboards. There is also a desire to be environmentally friendly and to re-use where possible. This year there is an additional need, for ‘lockdown projects’, meaning that we’re anticipating ever-more requests for pallets to use in all manner of creative ways.”